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Bikes & Framesets / XC Hardtail Series
Electro-P [Women's] - [Value Hardtail] Let the good times Roll…
[Model No. MD-11C-F]

For the entry level rider who wants comfort and durability. The perfect bike for the beginner heading out to the local park or taking the long way home.



l           Frame Material: Butted AL7005

l           Precision Smooth-Welds

l           Forged dropouts

l           Zero-Stack headset

l           Colors:

?             Gloss-White

?             Gloss-Blue

?             Gloss-Orange

l           Frame Weight (16.5”): 1.6kg

l           E.G.S™ (Equilibrium Geometry System)

?             Sizes: 14” / 16.5” / 18” / 19.5”

l           Available as Complete-Bike




l           XC / Trail / Adventure / Marathon