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Element Technology – is more simply : ElemenTech™.
When you see ElemenTech™ - it means Technology exclusive to Element bikes.




E.G.S.™ Equilibrium Geometry System

E.G.S.™Equilibrium Geometry System is Element Technic's integration of balanced frame and tubing geometries.


Frame Geometry is essential parameter of a good ride. Element Frames position the rider in a way which is :


  • Ideal for the intended purpose of the frame.

  • Efficient on the terrain conditions typically ridden by that frame.

  • Fits a range of body sizes.


Tubing Shape is designed to translate the geometry and harmonize terrain feedback. Element Tubing is created from the finest materials to be:


  • Optimized in shape to resist the force demands creadted by the   riding loads.

  • Tuned to absorb and filter undesirable ground inputs.