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Element Technology – is more simply : ElemenTech™.
When you see ElemenTech™ - it means Technology exclusive to Element bikes.




36-OS Headset Bearings

Element-Exclusive durable headset system :

  • •  Oversize machined headtube
  • •  Oversize Large-Ball 36˚ ACB bearings (36-OS)
  • •  Stronger and more durable than other intergrated systems.

The superior 36º Oversize standard is used in the Krypton-36 and Fusion headsets.

The table and photos below compare the 36º OS standard with IS and ZS systems.


      • •  The 36º OS standard uses a larger angular contact bearing     (ACB) with signifcantly larger Ø5/32" (Ø4mm) balls inside, more durable than the Ø1/8" balls common in the other systems.


      • •  Compared to the 45º IS, the 36º OS ACB sits on larger diameter 36º taper inside the headtube which has a much larger contact area with the head tube which better resists wear and damage.


      • •  Compared to the ZS internal, the 36º OS ACB requires no tools to install in the frame. Because the 36º Oversize ACB is not press-fit like ZS headsets, the head tube cannot be ovalized by the cups.


      • •  Compared to the ZS internal, the 36º OS ACB can use a larger ball-size in the bearing because the bearing does not need to fit inside a cup.