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Bikes & Framesets / XC Hardtail Series
Nitron-Q - [Ultra Premium] Designed to Never let you Down…
[Model No. MD-09]

Nitron-Q frame is designed for those who love cycling very frequently, it performs to the highest levels both in race conditions and in non-competitive courses. The frame is built with high module carbon fiber seatstay and chainstay. It is the perfect compromise between weight and performance.






l           Frame material: Carbon-Fiber & T.B. AL7005

l           CNC contour Dropouts

l           Premium Double-Pass Smooth-Welds

?             Superior fatigue strength and appearance

l           Colors

?             Satin-Pearl-White w/Carbon-weave

?             Satin-Indigo w/Carbon-weave

l           Frame Weight (16.5”): 1.4kg

l           E.G.S™ (Equilibrium Geometry System)

?             Sizes: 16.5” / 18” / 19.5”

l           36-OS™ large-ball headset

l           Beer-Keg™ CNC BB shell

l           Made in Taiwan

l           Available as:

?             Frameset or Complete-Bike




l           XC / Trail / Adventure / Marathon

l           Suggested Forks (80mm~100mm travel):

?             Fox 32F Series 


[COMPARE TO Electro-X]

l           Carbon VIBE™ V.D.T. carbon rear-end

l           Full CNC custom dropouts

l           Lighter Weight